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Vegan Friendly Chocolate?

Milk is obviously a main ingredient in milk chocolate. And in most lower cocoa dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate; depending on the percentage of cocoa and production methods; can be 100% dairy free.

All Dolfin’s dark plain and flavoured (88%-77%-70% and 60% cocoa) chocolate is made without diary.

Cachet’s chocolate bars of 70% and higher is also made without diary products.

Dolfin and Cachet chocolate have products in their range that are free from animal products. Those are only dark chocolate, not milk or white, and not all dark chocolate is vegan

We have a huge range of 70%, +70%, 80%, +80% chocolate,
which also has the added health benefit having far less added sugar compared to chocolate with a lower cocoa content.

Full ingredients and allergen list for each product available on request for all our product; some products have ingredients and allergens listed.


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