Valentine’s Day Dolfin Chocolate SPECIAL OFFER!


Valentine’s Day Dolfin Chocolate ‘Pink Favourites’ SPECIAL OFFER!



Celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of our PINK Favourites from Dolfin!

This SPECIAL OFFER is a fantastic way to taste a wide range of flavours from Dolfin, with two 30g bars FREE. There is a range of cacao contents too, so you’re guaranteed to keep every chocolate lover happy! With this Valentine’s Day Pink Selection you will get:


  • Dark & Fleur de Sel (70% Cacao)
  • Milk & Noix de Macadamia Caramelisées (38%)
  • Dark & Poivre Rose (70%)
  • Milk Original (38% Cacao)
  • Dark & Fruits Rouges & Graines de Lin (70%)
  • Dark Original (70% Cacao)
  • White & Raspberry (28%)
  • + FREE 30g Dark & Figues & Fleur de Sel a la vanille de Madagascar 
  • + FREE 30g Milk & Petits Beurres & Sel Rose des Andes 



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