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Dolfin “Lockdown” chocolate selection

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Dolfin “Lockdown” chocolate selection –  SAVE   €  3.50 !

  • Caramel squares with dark chocolate and pistachios 200 g.
  • 24 gourmet squares 120 g.
  • Milk with Almonds 70 g.
  • Dark Orange and Spices 70 g.
  • Dark Carmel and Mirror salt from Bolivia   30 g.
  • Milk Nougat, Honey and Diamond salt from Cashmere  30 g.


Get this Dolfin “Lockdown” chocolate selection

This Dolfin Lockdown chocolate selection is a real liberating gift.

You will get Dolfins’ chocolate caramel squares with pistachios.

Also, the very popular 24 gourmet squares, all individual wrapped

What about the smooth milk and almonds or dark with orange and spices?

Finally, 2 small bars; dark with salted caramel and Milk with Nougat and Honey! Enjoy!



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